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We will help you self-publish your book

(Print & E-Book) across various platforms through our expert guidance for just Rs. 499.

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What will you get for 499 INR?

1 . Standard Interior Design (for both Print & eBook

Your manuscript deserves a stunning presentation! Trust us to provide a standard interior design tailored for print format, ensuring your book is visually appealing and reader-friendly. Let your words shine on the pages!


2. We elevate Your Manuscript with Meticulous Grammar Checks

Your manuscript deserves to be polished to perfection! Rest assured, we'll perform a meticulous grammar check before publishing, ensuring your words flow flawlessly. Let your story shine with impeccable grammar and captivating prose.

3. From Words to Visuals: Experience the Magic of Our Book Mockups

We will make captivating book mockups that bring your story to life. Let us transform your manuscript into visually stunning representations, capturing the essence of your book and leaving readers eager to explore its pages.

4.Free Book Cover

Unlock the power of a captivating book cover! Our expert designers will bring your vision to life, crafting a stunning cover that entices readers and perfectly captures the essence of your story. Let your book shine with our exceptional design services.

5. Free Book Review 

​Discover the power of insightful book reviews! Our expert reviewers delve into the pages, offering honest and constructive feedback that helps you enhance your writing and captivate readers. Unleash the full potential of your book with our professional book review services.

6 .Free Social Media Campaign 

​Boost your book's visibility with our free social media campaign! We'll promote your work across our websites, reaching a wide audience of book lovers and potential readers. Let your book soar with our targeted social media exposure.

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