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Welcome to our Free Mind section, where creativity knows no bounds! Here, we offer a glimpse into the exciting world of our publishing consultancy services and provide submission guidelines for aspiring writers.


Are you a writer seeking to unleash your potential? Our expert publishing consultancy is here to guide you on your journey. We connect talented writers with traditional publishers, helping you navigate the intricate realm of publishing. From refining your manuscript to securing the perfect publishing deal, our dedicated team is committed to realizing your literary dreams.

Calling all writers! Submit your captivating short stories, thought-provoking poetry, enlightening articles, AI generated stories and profound philosophical thoughts for a chance to be featured on our platform. We cherish originality and encourage you to share your unique perspectives with our avid readers.

But that's not all! Our Free Mind section is a heavenly oasis for the bookworms and literary enthusiasts among us. Dive into a realm of weekly posts crafted with utmost care and designed to captivate your imagination. Immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of engaging narratives, mind-bending theories, and AI-generated stories that push the boundaries of literary exploration.

Join us on this extraordinary journey of creativity and inspiration. Whether you're a writer seeking guidance or a passionate reader in search of intellectual bliss, our Free Mind section is your haven. Unlock the door to boundless imagination and indulge in the beauty of literature. Let your mind soar free!


Allow us to introduce the inspiring story of our founder, Aryan D. Ahire. Just like all of you, Aryan is a passionate writer and avid reader. With a deep love for literature, he has successfully published two books and a research paper in an esteemed international journal. However, his journey in the publishing field has taught him a valuable lesson – publishing is not an easy process. It often involves waiting for years to see one's book in print. Driven by a desire to make this process more seamless, Aryan embarked on a mission to establish publishing consultancy services. His expertise and experience serve as a guiding light for aspiring writers. Aryan helps them find suitable publishers or personally assists in self-publishing their books, eliminating the hurdles that often come with the traditional publishing route. Despite facing numerous rejections for his own short stories, Aryan refused to let setbacks define him. This determination fueled his decision to create a platform where his stories, along with those of fellow writers, could finally find their place in the literary world. Aryan warmly welcomes people from every corner of the globe to join him on this creative journey, extending his invitation even to our extraterrestrial friends (in good humor) to free their minds on Free Mind. At Free Mind, we believe that reading something useful liberates our own inner selves. We aim to create a platform where every individual's thoughts, shaped by their culture, religion, philosophy, and traditions, can be shared. It's an opportunity to let the world know you exist and to ignite the winds of change. Together, let us embark on this extraordinary voyage of self-expression, exploration, and empowerment. Join us in unleashing the power of words and celebrating the diversity of human thought. Welcome to our website, where minds unite and the change begins!

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