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Unveiling India's 46 Quirky Publishers: Submit with a Smile!

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Greetings, fellow wordsmiths and literary enthusiasts! Today, we embark on a delightful journey through the vibrant world of Indian publishers. India, a land brimming with diverse cultures, languages, and a penchant for storytelling, houses a myriad of publishers eager to unearth hidden gems and unleash literary marvels upon the world. As we dive into this amusing adventure, prepare to discover not only their names but also their submission guidelines. Trust me, it's going to be a joyous ride full of surprises and plenty of chuckles!

Now, let's dive into the submission guidelines and discover how to charm these publishers with your literary brilliance. Happy writing and may the muse be ever in your favor!

Writing is the perfect excuse for talking to imaginary friends without being sent to a mental institution.

1.Srishti Publishers :- Srishti Publishers was established with the aim of crafting a distinct collection of books that offer unparalleled joy of reading to individuals nationwide. Company's fundamental mission is to serve as a launchpad for budding authors, encompassing those who are young in age as well as those who possess a youthful spirit! Submission Guidelines

2.Jaico Publishing House :-Jaico is a renowned publisher that offers an extensive collection of over 1500 books covering a diverse range of subjects. Their vast repertoire includes Indian and international literature, history, politics, sociology, religion, philosophy, law, health, and self-improvement. In response to India's burgeoning corporate sector, Jaico caters to the needs of this rapidly developing industry by offering a wide selection of titles in business management and its various subfields, encompassing general management, marketing, finance, and

3. HarperCollins Publishers India :- HarperCollins India Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1991 and has now surpassed 25 years of operation in India. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HarperCollins Publishers Ltd. UK. The HarperCollins brand has a rich history of over 200 years worldwide. HarperCollins India holds the distinction of being one of the largest publishers in the world, offering a diverse range of books and resources that cater to both entertainment and education. Submission Guidelines

4.Hachette India :- Hachette India is the Indian division of the renowned publishing company Hachette, which is a part of the French group Lagardère Publishing. It commenced its operations in India in 2008 and has since become the second-largest publishing house in the country, focusing on non-educational books. Although Penguin India holds the leading position in this sector, Hachette India has established itself as a significant player, offering a wide range of books to readers across the nation.

5. Rupa Publishers:- :- Rupa Publications is a publishing company based in New Delhi, India, with sales centers located in various cities such as Kolkata, Allahabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, Jaipur, Hyderabad, and Kathmandu. It was established in 1936 by D. Mehra and R. K. Mehra in Calcutta, specifically on College Street. In addition to being a publisher, Rupa Publications also operates as a book distributor and importer, contributing to the availability and distribution of a wide range of books throughout the region. Submission Guidelines

6.Bloomsbury India :-Bloomsbury India, established in September 2012, follows the esteemed publishing tradition of Bloomsbury Publishing by releasing books of exceptional quality across various genres. Their portfolio includes Fiction, Non-Fiction, Children's books, Academic publications, Business resources, and Educational materials, encompassing works by both Indian and international authors. Submission Guidelines

7. Aleph book:- Aleph Book Company is a distinguished publishing company located in New Delhi, India. It was established in May 2011 through a partnership between David Davidar, R. K. Mehra, and Kapish Mehra, who are associated with Rupa Publications India.

The primary focus of Aleph Book Company is to publish books that exhibit timeless literary excellence, showcasing the diverse narratives originating from India and other South Asian nations. With a commitment to promoting and presenting the rich literary heritage of the region, Aleph selects works that embody the essence of enduring quality. The company has gained recognition and acclaim for its contributions to the literary landscape, earning numerous awards and accolades. Submission Guidelines

8.Simon and Schuster:- Simon & Schuster India specializes in sales, marketing, and publicity within the publishing industry. In addition, they serve as the local sales and distribution partners for Inner Traditions, which focuses on mind, body, and spirit publications, Andrews McMeel, renowned for comic strips, and VIZ Media, known for manga comic books. This strategic partnership enables Simon & Schuster India to expand its offerings and cater to a diverse range of readers, while effectively promoting and distributing books across various genres. Submission Guidelines

9.Juggernaut books:- Juggernaut Books, also known as Juggernaut, is a digital publishing house based in New Delhi, India. They specialize in short-length books by new writers and offer a platform for self-publishing. Their digital books are accessible through their website and mobile apps. Juggernaut Books has partnered with Airtel to provide a content library of around 70,000 books on the Airtel Books app. They also publish physical books, distributed and warehoused by Hachette India. With their focus on digital publishing and support for emerging authors, Juggernaut Books plays a pivotal role in the evolving publishing landscape, catering to readers' preferences for both digital and physical reading experiences. Submission Guidelines

10. Fingerprint books:- Fingerprint! is a highly vibrant and dynamic independent publishing house in India that specializes in commercial fiction. They have gained recognition as one of the country's leading publishers in this genre. With their focus on commercial fiction, Fingerprint! brings engaging and popular narratives to readers, catering to diverse literary tastes. Submission Guidelines (Email them for inquiry , currently their website is not available )

11.Leadstart publishing:-Leadstart is a prominent publishing house based in India, known for its innovative and forward-thinking approach. They proudly showcase renowned authors and exceptional writing from around the world. The exceptional work of their authors, as well as their dedicated editorial teams and books, have garnered acclaim and appreciation both nationally and internationally. Many of Leadstart's authors have been consistently recognized, with numerous nominations and wins at prestigious awards such as the Sahitya Akademi Award, Crossword Awards, Man Asian Literary Prize, various State Literary Awards, and even the esteemed Padma Bhushan Award, one of India's highest civilian honors. This recognition is a testament to the quality and impact of Leadstart's literary contributions. Submission Guidelines

12.Locksley Hall Publishing:-Locksley Hall Publishing LLP is a rapidly expanding traditional publishing company in India. They have carved a niche for themselves by publishing books across various genres, including fiction, non-fiction, short stories, and poetry. The primary aim of Locksley Hall Publishing LLP is to offer aspiring and debut authors a platform to get their work published. Simultaneously, they strive to establish fruitful partnerships with established authors who have already published their works. This dual approach allows Locksley Hall Publishing LLP to cater to a wide range of authors, fostering a diverse literary landscape and providing opportunities for both emerging and experienced writers to share their stories with the world.

13. Roli books:- Roli Books, established in 1978, has gained a reputation for pioneering and delivering top-notch publications of exceptional quality. The driving force behind our decision to specialize in art books was the realization that there was a significant gap in India for scholarly works that combined cutting-edge visuals and innovative design. Even after more than four decades, we remain committed to our founding principles, retaining our position as the leading market force for art and illustrated books in India. Our unwavering dedication to excellence is fueled by our profound admiration for our nation's incredibly rich history. Within our catalog, we proudly showcase collaborations with the most brilliant minds across various fields, ensuring a diverse and outstanding collection of works. Submission Guidelines

14.Half baked beans:-Welcome to Half Baked Beans Publishing Co., where they strive to offer readers the finest selection of books while simultaneously serving as an ideal platform for emerging writers. As a literary haven, it provides aspiring authors with an opportunity to have their work published. This publishing company is dedicated to nurturing and supporting budding talents, giving them a chance to showcase their writing to the world. Submission Guidelines

15.Amaryllis (Manjul Publishing house) :- Established in 1999, Manjul Publishing House is an independent book publisher based in Bhopal, India. They have created a niche market by focusing on high-quality translations of internationally bestselling titles into Indian languages. With a strong emphasis on genres like self-help, mind-body-spirit, health, spirituality, inspiration, and personal finance, Manjul has become the largest translations publisher in India. They have successful publishing programs in major Indian languages such as Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Gujarati, as well as other languages like Bengali, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Assamese, and Oriya. Their dedication to providing readers with access to globally renowned books in various genres makes Manjul Publishing House a vital platform for literary enrichment. Submission Guidelines

16.Pan Macmillan India :- As one of India's leading publishers, Pan Macmillan India has rapidly established itself as a dynamic and progressive force in the industry. Founded in 1998, the company commenced full-scale publishing operations in August 2010, marking a significant milestone in its growth. Prior to this, Pan Macmillan India had been actively distributing Pan Macmillan International titles across the Indian subcontinent while also publishing its own titles under the banner of Picador India. With a commitment to excellence and a track record of success, Pan Macmillan India continues to flourish, contributing to the vibrant literary landscape of the country. Submission Guidelines

17.Speaking tiger:-Based in New Delhi, India, Speaking Tiger Books is a renowned independent publishing and book distribution company. It was established in 2014 by Ravi Singh and Manas Saikia, who bring with them vast experience as former heads of Penguin India and Cambridge University Press India, respectively. With their deep knowledge and expertise in the publishing industry, the founders have successfully built Speaking Tiger Books into a prominent player. Known for their commitment to quality and diversity, the company continues to contribute to the literary landscape, publishing and distributing a wide range of engaging and thought-provoking titles.

18. Bee books :- In addition to their traditional publishing endeavors, the company also provides comprehensive self-publishing services. If individuals are interested in pursuing paid publishing opportunities, they can choose from a range of support services offered by the company. These services can be availed separately or collectively, providing authors with flexible options to suit their specific needs and preferences. Whether it's professional editing, cover design, marketing assistance, or other related services, the company ensures that authors have access to the necessary resources to enhance their self-published works. Submission Guidelines

19.LiFi publication :-LiFi Publications is an exciting and academically driven venture that emerges as a fresh addition to the esteemed House of DKs. With a rich legacy spanning over half a century, the House of DKs has made its mark as 'D.K. Agencies (P) Ltd' on a global scale. The name 'DK' itself holds immense recognition and reputation within the global book market, eliminating the need for any introduction. Now, with the establishment of LiFi Publications, the House of DKs embarks on a new chapter, bringing their expertise and dedication to provide valuable academic publications to readers worldwide. Submission Guidelines

20. Purushottam Publishers :- Initially starting their journey in 2009 as an online book retailer, Purushottam Bookstore has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past decade. Today, it stands as one of India's prominent online marketplaces, catering to the growing community of book enthusiasts, students, and parents who prefer purchasing books online. With a wide range of offerings, Purushottam Bookstore continues to serve and delight its customers with a seamless book buying experience.

21. APK Publishers :-APK Publishers, a vibrant and energetic publishing company, is located in Pune, India. Distinguishing itself as the sole "truly English" publishing house in the city, it holds a unique position within the publishing landscape. Notably, APK Publishers stands out with its noble objective of supporting and nurturing first-time writers, a mission that sets it apart from many other publishing houses. The company was established in July 2008 by the visionary duo of Prashant Karhade and Anagha Karhade, who brought their passion for literature and their commitment to empowering aspiring authors to create a platform for literary talent to thrive. Submission Guidelines

22.Harlequin India :- Harlequin Enterprises ULC, a renowned publisher of romance and women's fiction, originated in Winnipeg, Canada, in 1949. Throughout the decades, it experienced remarkable growth and emerged as the leading publisher of romance fiction worldwide during the 1960s. Harlequin's rich history and success in capturing the hearts of readers with its captivating storytelling and compelling narratives have solidified its position as a prominent name in the publishing industry. With its enduring commitment to delivering heartfelt and engaging stories, Harlequin continues to enchant readers around the globe with its diverse range of romance and women's fiction publications. Submission Guidelines

23.Hay House India :-Hay House is a purposeful organization committed to fostering positive transformation in the world, assisting individuals in their personal growth across the realms of mind, body, and spirit. Embracing a wide spectrum of customers, authors, and perspectives, Hay House provides a wealth of products and resources designed to empower, educate, and ignite inspiration. With a firm belief in the potential for change and the inherent capacity within each person, Hay House aims to support individuals on their unique journeys, offering tools and guidance to facilitate personal development and enhance well-being. Through their diverse offerings, Hay House endeavors to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people seeking positive change. Submission Guidelines

24.Garuda Prakashan :-Garuda's mission is rooted in simplicity: to provide a platform for the authentic voices and narratives that embody the essence of the Indian civilization. Throughout history, the Indian perspective has been overshadowed and constrained, preventing the free expression and progression of our own stories. External influences, particularly those of our colonizers, have dictated how we perceive ourselves, often dismissing our languages and culture as outdated or inferior in the name of progress. Garuda seeks to challenge these limitations and reclaim our rightful place in storytelling. By amplifying our own narratives, Garuda aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the rich heritage and diverse perspectives that comprise the Indian civilization. Submission Guidelines

25.Sage India :- Sage is renowned for its unwavering dedication to the social sciences. Their extensive range of publications encompasses the acclaimed Little Green Book Series, a comprehensive reference collection, research methods journals, engaging videos, and informative texts. With a clear objective of equipping present and upcoming social scientists, Sage places great emphasis on cultivating critical thinking skills, honing data analysis capabilities, and harnessing computational tools. Through their diverse array of resources, Sage empowers individuals in the field to develop their expertise, fostering the growth of both current and future social scientists. Submission Guidelines

26.Seagull Books :- Seagull Books, established in 1982, has been dedicated to curating books that blend exceptional content with groundbreaking design. Originally venturing into the daring realm of publishing books on alternative cinema, philosophy, and culture, Seagull Books persists in fulfilling a profound and timely purpose. Their commitment lies in bringing forth manuscripts that deserve to be published, spanning disciplines like instinctive and theatrical arts, visual arts, and more. By reaching out to readers, their aim is to stimulate minds, provoke new perspectives, and instigate transformative shifts in outlook. Seagull Books remains driven by the pressing need to shed light on these vital narratives, ensuring they receive the attention they deserve. Submission Guidelines

27. Zubaan Publishers :- In 1984, Urvashi Butalia and Ritu Menon laid the foundation for Kali for Women, India's pioneering feminist publishing house. Throughout the next two decades, Kali emerged as a trailblazing publisher of women's literature and works exploring feminism and gender issues in South Asia. Kali's diverse catalogue encompassed three distinct categories: academic and general publications, fiction, as well as compact pamphlets and booklets. Their esteemed roster featured renowned authors and activists including Vandana Shiva, Uma Chakravarti, Vina Mazumdar, Radha Kumar, and many other influential voices. With their unwavering commitment, Kali for Women made a profound impact on feminist discourse and women's writing in the region. Submission Guidelines

28.Niyogi Books:-Operating from its headquarters in New Delhi, India, this publishing house has solidified its position as a prominent player in the realm of illustrated books, translations, fiction, and non-fiction. Since its inception in 2004, the company has curated an impressive collection of over 600 titles, renowned for their exceptional quality and accessible prices. Catering to a diverse readership, they have successfully carved a niche for themselves in the publishing industry. With a commitment to excellence, this publishing house has become synonymous with delivering captivating books that captivate a wide range of readers. Submission Guidelines

29. Women Unlimited :- Women Unlimited, an associated organization of Kali for Women, India's pioneering feminist press established in 1984, operates as a non-profit trust. They specialize in publishing a wide range of books, including scholarly works, fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, young adult literature, activist material, and more. With a focus on affordability, they provide the finest feminist scholarship and creative writing, catering to readers in India and South Asia. Submission Guidelines

30. Writers Workshop, Kolkata :-In 2008, at the age of sixty-nine, the time has come to face some truths. Despite having an extensive catalog of nearly 3000 titles published over five decades (1958-2008), WRITERS WORKSHOP is often misunderstood as a colossal publishing entity. However, with an average annual output of around 100 titles since 1995, its scale is often exaggerated. Submission Guidelines

31. Yoda Press :- Since its establishment in 2004, Yoda Press has pursued a unique publishing approach, focusing on subjects that often receive limited attention from other Indian publishers. With a keen awareness of their significance in contemporary discourse, Yoda Press delves into topics like sexuality, popular culture, urbanism, architecture, and Indian history and sociology, providing fresh perspectives to its readership.

Feel free to share your stories, opinions, experiences, and unique perspectives on topics close to your heart with Yoda Press. Connect with them by emailing your contributions to They eagerly await your valuable insights and engaging narratives.

32. Yali books :- Yali Books is dedicated to providing young readers aged 4-16 with exceptional fiction titles that open doors to South Asian culture. Acknowledged by esteemed organizations like the American Library Association, the National Council for the Social Studies, and the South Asia National Outreach Consortium, our books are valuable additions to homes, classrooms, and libraries. Submission Guidelines

33. Scholastic India :-Scholastic India operates an engaging publishing program, striving to bring forth innovative titles across various genres by esteemed Indian authors and illustrators. Renowned names like Ruskin Bond, Gulzar, Paro Anand, Sampurna Chattarji, and Anushka Ravishankar grace their collection. Internationally, they have published acclaimed authors including J.K. Rowling, R.L. Stine, Philip Pullman, Suzanne Collins, and Cornelia Funke. Submission Guidelines

34. Pirates Publishers :- PIRATES is an exceptional creative enterprise that seamlessly combines the realms of literature and cinema, making it a one-of-a-kind entity in India. With an unwavering focus on prioritizing storytelling, PIRATES adheres to the philosophy of putting the story above all else. Their dual objectives involve addressing the essential need for compelling narratives through meticulous character development and plotting, akin to skilled story surgeons, as well as actively seeking out and fostering emerging talents in the art of storytelling. Submission Guidelines

35. Petals Publishers :- Established in 2013, Petals Publishers and Distributors is a visionary publishing house committed to delivering quality and creative publishing services. Founded by Harpreet Makkar and guided by Vinit K. Bansal, Petals has emerged as a prominent player in connecting diverse aspects of the literary industry. Based in Ludhiana, India, Petals is renowned for its reliable online and offline transactions, solidifying its reputation as a trusted multi-source publishing company.

36.Grapevine Publishing :-Grapevine India was founded with the aim of fostering a supportive community of authors, promoting transparency in the publishing process. They strive to find a sustainable approach to realizing this vision within the framework of a capitalistic society. For those interested in sharing their ideas or submitting their writing, Grapevine India can be reached at

37. Grey Oak Publishing :- Grey Oak Publishers is a renowned publishing house dedicated to showcasing the literary brilliance of Indian writers. With a wide range of fiction, non-fiction, and children's books, they offer captivating stories that celebrate the essence of Indian writing. Grey Oak Publishers strives to bring diverse voices and narratives to the forefront of the literary world. Submission of Manuscripts:

38. Clever Fox publishing :- Clever Fox Publishing is a leading hybrid book publisher in India, offering innovative publishing models to authors. With their guided self-publishing and partnered publishing approaches, they provide authors with expanded distribution to over 140 countries and 40,000+ stores. They also extend support for cinematic adaptations, empowering authors to reach wider audiences. Submission Guidelines

39. Permanent Black Publishing :- Established in 2000, Permanent Black has earned recognition as a leading academic publisher in India. With a focus on India's history, ecology, and politics, they are known for publishing top-quality scholarship. Their extensive catalog includes over 450 books, featuring works by renowned scholars who have made significant contributions to the field. Submission Guidelines

40. Readomania Publishing :-Readomania is a dedicated publishing house committed to nurturing and curating captivating content that resonates with readers. They take pride in fostering talent, whether emerging or established, and offer a platform for amazing stories. With a focus on providing a wonderful reading experience, Readomania celebrates the power of storytelling. Submission Guidelines

41. Rumour Books India :-Rumour Books India (RBI) is a prominent publishing house in India, known for its quality publications in fiction and non-fiction genres. As one of the youngest and most respected publishers, RBI holds the distinction of being the official publisher of the renowned 'Mann Ki Baat' by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With a national presence, RBI has been actively contributing to the literary landscape since 2012. Submission Guidelines

42. BlueJay Books :-BlueJay Books is an emerging publishing company located in New Delhi. Founded by a group of passionate individuals, each with their own distinct expertise and a shared love for literature, BlueJay Books is committed to producing captivating content that resonates with readers across various genres.

43. Write Place :- The Write Place is a self-publishing initiative established by Crossword Bookstores Pvt Ltd. Its primary aim is to provide a platform for aspiring authors to publish, distribute, and promote their books. With the opportunity to be featured both in physical stores and online platforms, The Write Place empowers new writers to showcase their work to a wider audience. Submission Guidelines

44. Author’s Channel :-Authors Channel is a comprehensive platform catering to the diverse needs of authors. With expertise in books publishing, distribution, and marketing, they have successfully amplified the voices of both new and established writers. Their extensive genres include action, adventure, crime, drama, fantasy, fiction, historical fiction, legend, mystery, mythology, politics, romance, satire, sports, travel, and more. Submission Guidelines .

45. Goa 1556 :- Goa 1556 Publishers offers flexible publishing options to cater to different audience sizes. They can produce both large print runs of a thousand copies and smaller print runs of 500 copies for niche audiences. Additionally, they provide e-book publishing and print-on-demand services for works targeting specific readerships. In Goa, they can outsource editing, layout, and printing, ensuring a comprehensive publishing experience for authors they choose to work with. Submission Guidelines

46. Olympia publishers :- Based in London, this independent publishing house has been thriving for over ten years, publishing a diverse array of books spanning fiction, poetry, biographies, children's literature, and non-fiction. Recognizing the growing talent of Indian authors, they have expanded their reach to create a specialized platform dedicated to promoting and supporting writers from the Indian subcontinent, ensuring their voices are heard and their work finds success. Submission Guidelines

Remember, dear writers, this is just a glimpse into the enchanting world of Indian publishers. So grab your pen, warm up your keyboard, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey with these marvelous literary gatekeepers.

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