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The Crystal Friendship

By Martin Kithan 

Days turned into weeks, and their journey became too difficult. But they were determined, never losing faith in their friendship or the magic that awaited them. Finally, after overcoming countless obstacles, they found themselves standing before the majestic apple tree, its branches heavy with apples of every colour. A sense of awe washed over them as they realised the magnificence of this discovery. With hopeful hearts, Lily and Andrew reached out, both of them selecting an apple that would hold their greatest desire. They closed their eyes and shared a silent prayer before taking a bite of their chosen apples. But the magic unfurled in ways they never expected.

Lily's deepest wish was to preserve the purity of their friendship forever. As she took a bite, a warm glow engulfed her. She turned into a beautiful sculpture made of pure crystal, her smile was frozen in time:- A Symbol Of Eternal Friendship. Andrew, unaware of his friend's transformation, took a bite of his apple, wishing for the joy and laughter they had shared to remain in his heart wherever he went. Little did he know that every time he thought of Lily, he would hear her laughter echoing in his ears, a sweet melody that reminded him of their precious bond.

Years passed, and the village became enchanted by the story of the frozen hero. People would gather near Lily's crystal form, marvelling at the beauty frozen in time. Andrew, now an old man, would visit the apple tree every day, sharing their adventure stories with the villagers who eagerly listened. Though their friendship had been frozen in time, it continued to touch the lives of all who heard their tale. As the villagers basked in the warmth of the old man's words, they too were filled with a sense of nostalgia—A Reminder Of The Joy And Magic That Can Be Found In The Simplicity Of True Friendship

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