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Sea of Thoughts or Sea of Waves?


Holding hands across the sight to behold,

To open our minds around the seashore!

Walking, running on the wet sand,

Remembering the years of life span,

Spent in a shelter of serene sky,

Washed by the weak waves with a height!


Ever thought of making them again?

Only memories are the ones that never go in vain!

The optimism of shells spread around,

Making the sweet wind sound,

Wishing to revise the chapter and core,

From where it started with the beauty to hold!


Inspire the heart within us to love.

The beauty that's enough and tough,

Making our souls reminisce about the seconds,

Free of ache, the minutes will gather sane.

The hours might be spent alone.

But the memories of a lifetime are still to be seen.

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