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Is there a duplicate of you reading this article and opting to set it away without finishing this sentence? 'The Curb on Infinity' is the most accustomed book on general science which tells the brief surmises of the Universe, Time, and Infinity. How are these three facets concomitant with each other? How this universe works? Does it work on the laws of physics? What makes time so bizarre that being an illusion it is one of the most important part of the universe? Centuries ago expatiation and experiments by making to comprehend the pattern of the universe laid many divergences of perspectives. Man understands the universe based on its fundamental forces and mathematics, each theory is forged through endless debates. The book approaches the most intricate theories of all time such as the hot big bang model, multi-universe, outlandish mechanics, universal demons, the fate of the universe, General and Special theory of Relativity, Aristotelian theories, and the great debate. The book also accords to the ancient time system of Kemet, Yamoto, Qin, and Jambudviya. The book also gives the ideas behind the Vedas. How modern science coincides with ancient text? Find all puzzles at ‘The Curb on Infinity’.

The Curb on Infinity

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