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He hurriedly stopped at The bus stop, looking at his watch, he was 10 minutes earlier, he sighed in relief, he was tensed he would get late for his bus, holding his bags in his hands, he made his way towards the bus stop, he noticed many people were just standing around it, no one was sitting there... He ignored all this, and just sat on the empty bench at that bus stop, Putting his bags aside, he started listening to songs for his timepass, he heard running footsteps sound, looking up he saw a bunch of boys running behind a girl, Wearing a simple suit, she was frightened, he immediately went to them, and stopped all those boys, "Leave the girl alone you idiots!!!!" He said angrily, pointing his finger toward them, Surprisingly they left in just one go, without any further fight or argument. "You okay?" He asked the girl behind him, she was so sacred, that her face became so pale, she was breathing heavily, "Yeah..h...yeahh," she said in a meek voice, trying to take air as fast as she could, she coughed a few times, but after minutes she calmed down. "Relax! Here take some water" he handed her a water bottle, As she was drinking, he looked around at all those people, but they just ignored what happening, and were busy with themselves, he shook his head in disappointment towards them, none of them come forward to help the girl. "Thank you for saving me." She said handing back his bottle to him. "It's alright, why they were chasing you." He asked her while they both sat on the empty bench. "I was coming from that street, and they started following me and calling me names, I was scared, no one was there, then they even touched me, so I ran as fast as I could, and then you saved me....thank you so much." "Those bastards!!! It's alright, you don't have to thank me..." "That's your gratitude, but if you didn't come to save me, I know what will happen to me." She said to him, looking toward those people who ignored the incident. "It's fine, now you're safe, nothing will happen to you, what's your name?" "I am Meenakshi" "I am Aayush, did you go from that street every day?" "No, I am going to my home, there was some emergency." "Ohhh, it's okay now, you will reach safely." "Where are you going?" "I am going back home too, my sister is getting married, so as a brother, I had to be there. " that's nice, she's so lucky to get married" "Yeah, but it took a lot of hard work to get her married, it's a love marriage, and the boy is from a different caste, I had to do a lot of things, to make both families agree, but finally it's happening." "Your sister is now luckier, she had a great brother like you." "I am not great, this will any brother do, not even brother, any man will do anything for his loved ones." "Yeah...any MAN will do anything for his loved ones." "By the way, what do you do?" "I.....I was a CA aspirant." "Was? You're not trying anymore?" "I don't have any chances left," she said with a sad smile. "Ohh, it's okay you will succeed in what you will do," he said seeing her sad smile. "I WILL," she said with a small smile on her lips, looking at him. He also smiled but didn't say anything, and they both fell into silence, aayush looked to his left and saw the bus was coming, he took his bag and turned to look at her, "Let's go, or you will miss your bus." "You go ahead, I...I am coming." "Okay" "Aayush!!" She called his name, and as he turned to look at her, he gestured with his head in a questioning manner. "You're a good man, Aayush, please never change yourself." "Okayy!? Thanks, now let's go, I have some aloo parathas, we can share on the bus." He said with a smile, she didn't say anything just nodded her head and then started following him, he turned towards the bus, to get inside, as he was putting his bags, he heard two people talking... "Did you see the news, that Meenakshi rape case boys are free from court, they were released from lack of evidence..." "What lack of evidence, It must be that boy's father, who is a powerful man, he saved his son...." "Yeah, the poor girl didn't get her justice.." Aayush couldn't control himself from asking them, as hearing Meenakshi's name, he stepped forward to ask him. "Uncle, what Meenakshi case?" "Son, you're looking at that abandoned building behind the bus stop, some group of boys gang raped a girl named Meenakshi there, and today one of them is released from court because of his father, And do you know son, at that bus stop, many people give their lives by accident, but there's a theory that it was Meenakshi's ghost is killing them, that's why no one sat on that bus stop, people are afraid to go there." Aayush looked in a daze for a moment, but then he started searching for her on the bus, hoping she'd already sat on some seat, but he didn't find her, then his eyes went to that bus stop, And there she was standing, looking at him, but this time, her clothes were ripped and shredded in many places, showing her skin, which was all filled with bruises, her face left had the most injuries, her lips had cut where blood was still coming out, She was looking at him with a small smile, as she saw the hope in him, he looked at her in a daze and then just in a blink, she was not there, as there was no person whom he saved, and talked to her, he wasn't there.

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