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"Get ready to dive into the digital underworld of Mumbai with 'Cyber Detective: Avantika Modgill Series #1' – buy now on Amazon and uncover the secrets that lurk beneath the surface!"

"Explore the depths of love, discrimination, and mysticism in the intricate tapestry of Indian society with 'Whispers Spell' by Dr. Mani Kumar P S V P."


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Welcome to the mesmerizing realm of Free Mind! Here, bookworms and literary enthusiasts find solace in an oasis of captivating content. Delve into our weekly posts, meticulously crafted to ignite your imagination. Immerse yourself in a tapestry of engaging narratives, thought-provoking poetry, enlightening articles, and profound philosophical thoughts. We invite writers from all walks of life to share their originality , as we celebrate diverse perspectives and invite our avid readers on a journey of literary exploration. Unleash your mind, embrace the possibilities, and join us in this extraordinary adventure at Free Mind.


Are you a writer seeking to unleash your potential? Our expert publishing consultancy is here to guide you on your journey. We connect talented writers with traditional publishers, helping you navigate the intricate realm of publishing. From refining your manuscript to securing the perfect publishing deal, our dedicated team is committed to realizing your literary dreams.

Our Services


Self Publishing Services

At Free Mind, we make self-publishing a breeze! For just ₹499, entrust us with your manuscript, and we'll handle everything from cover design to interior book editing. Focus on your writing while we bring your book to life!


Traditional Publishing services

Are you an aspiring author with a brilliant book idea, but you're not sure how to navigate the complex world of publishing? Look no further! We're here to be your friendly guide on this exciting journey.


Book Reviews

At Freemind, our expert reviewers provide unbiased and honest book reviews. Get an overview of the plot, characters, and themes, ensuring informed decisions on your next read. Trust our reviews for quality book recommendations.


Book cover/

Poster designing

Free Mind: Your go-to for stunning book cover designs. We create eye-catching designs that capture your book's essence and set it apart. Give your book a professional touch with us.

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